Enabling Business Through Technology

Fractional IT Manager / CTO

The Fractional IT Manager service from ZION Tech mainly caters to Small to Medium (SME) businesses that does not have the need for a full time IT Manager and presently only have IT resources that manage network and help-desk services . The network service providers help management the company network however most of the time are not able to translate business needs to IT goals and are unable to provide business solutions. The fractional IT Manager will manage this, helping the company in creating an IT plan that aligns with business needs as well as manage vendor relationship or the company’s internal IT staff to help provide optimum and cost effective solutions for a fixed monthly fee. We can also provide end-to-end IT management  including managing of all IT services as part of the package.

The Interim IT manager service is oriented towards companies whose IT manager has left the organization and are looking for a replacement. The interim IT manager will bridge this gap and allow the company to look for a recruit a new IT manager without any impact on the IT service which the Interim IT manager will manage.

Please contact us to get more detailed information on these services and how this could add value to your organization.